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Student Doing Experiment With Help Of Teacher

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4th Graders Present Social Studies Learning in Self-Designed Websites

In Social Studies, 4th Graders have spent the fall semester studying the Harlem Renaissance through the music, art, and literature of this period. Meanwhile, these students have been engaged in a unit on graphic design in Technology class, using the application Adobe Spark to create and share impactful visual stories. Recently, students integrated these areas of learning in a web design project in which each 4th Grader created a unique website dedicated to one Harlem Renaissance performer.

Before focusing on designing their websites, 4th Graders conducted research into their chosen performer; learning about their childhood, greatest works and achievements, struggles, sacrifices, and other interesting facts about their life and career. Once they had collected the information their websites would present, students used Adobe Spark to bring their research to life, experimenting with text and fonts, photos, layouts, and themes. At the conclusion of the project, 4th Graders presented their websites to their classmates, giving others the opportunity to not only learn more about the performers of the Harlem Renaissance, but to see examples of the many different approaches to designing an engaging and informative website.