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7th Graders Write, Illustrate - and Read Aloud - Spanish Storybooks

One of the main pillars of the World Language program at VCS is ‘community’ - an acknowledgment that languages do not exist in a vacuum but are inextricable from the culture of native speakers. Community in second language learning can also apply to fellow students working to build their skills, and an overlapping Spanish period was the perfect opportunity for 7th Graders to read aloud their recently completed storybooks for a captive audience of 3rd Graders.

In this assignment, 7th Graders used vocabulary and grammar from the whole year to write and illustrate a children's story in Spanish, offering the younger students a glimpse into the advanced skills they will have acquired by their Upper School years. Of course, 7th Graders were happy to provide translations for each page as they read, encouraging 3rd Graders to gain new vocabulary – and to make connections to their ELA curriculum, where they have been studying the structure of children’s books and authoring their own tales.