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Celebrating Lunar New Year in the Upper School

Welcome to the year of the Tiger! Upper School Mandarin students recognized the Lunar New Year in a number of creative ways, and even included their non-Mandarin-speaking classmates in their celebrations.

Creating and hanging decorations is a traditional Lunar New Year activity, and Mandarin students decorated hallways and doors around school with paper cuttings made by 6th Graders and spring couplets written by 7th Graders. During Upper School Community Meeting, all 6th-8th Graders watched a video Mandarin students had prepared sharing what they found most important or interesting about the holiday, as well as the various ways it is celebrated in different countries. Following this introduction, Mandarin students visited each Pod to lead fellow students and teachers in creating their own classroom decorations, teaching them how to write lucky Chinese characters on red paper squares and bring good luck for the new year.

Next week, our most experienced Mandarin speakers in 8th Grade will have the opportunity to apply their skills in conversation with native speakers during a field trip to Chinatown, where they will shop for the ingredients for pork and chive and vegetable dumplings – a traditional Lunar New Year dish symbolizing wealth. Back at school, 8th Graders will share their purchases with fellow Mandarin students in 6th and 7th Grade as they lead them in mixing the dumpling fillings and folding and pleating them into dumpling skins.