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Interdisciplinary Hidden Heroes Interviews in 2nd Grade ELA/Tech

In English Language Arts (ELA), 2nd Graders have been engaged in a non-fiction writing unit, practicing their research skills and learning different ways that writers present factual information. To culminate the unit, 2nd Graders completed an activity in which they conducted research into a "hidden hero" of their choosing, then composed an “interview” script, posing questions about their hero’s history and accomplishments and using their research to provide their hero’s answers.  

After writing and editing their scripts, 2nd Graders used these pieces as the basis for an interdisciplinary project with Tech class, where they have been studying the programming language Scratch. Students applied what they have learned about the programming concepts of sequences and events to create animated versions of their interviews.

Last week, 1st Graders got an exciting look into the kind of work that awaits them in 2nd Grade – and learned more about some important changemakers – when they stopped by to check out the completed interviews.