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K-5th Grade Fall Woodworking Projects

With Woodshop classes back on, students in K-5th Grade are once again experiencing the unique satisfaction of building both functional objects and art pieces with their own hands. A VCS tradition!

Students in Kindergarten are learning how to clamp their wood to the table, drill pilot holes in preparation for nailing, and safely hammer in nails as they make wood “sandwiches” using two pieces of wood, flat side to flat side. Once constructed, students sand and color their shapes.

1st Graders are building shape sculptures. Students have learned to set up their workstation with small table vises in preparation for sanding the shapes they have selected for building, and gained an appreciation for the importance of making their wood feel smooth to the touch through sanding.

Woodworkers in 2nd Grade are learning how to measure, mark, and cut their wood with a crosscut saw to make their very own chalkboards.

Students in 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade are using a plan to design and build pencil boxes. These seasoned woodworkers are practicing how to measure and mark their wood accurately to achieve a “square” cut using a crosscut saw, and are becoming adept at setting up their own work stations and working collaboratively with partners.