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Monster-Making (and Describing!) in 2nd Grade Spanish

At VCS, the study of any World Language is tied meaningfully to students’ own lives, other academic subjects, and the larger world. Our youngest Spanish students in 2nd Grade are currently finishing up a project that serves as an excellent example of how these connections are fostered, bringing together language, art, writing, diversity and inclusion – even tech!

To begin this project, 2nd Graders read Monstruo Rosa by the Basque author Olga de Dios and discussed how it is the differences between us that make life beautiful and interesting. This understanding formed the foundation for various activities in which students learned to describe objects in Spanish: their shape, size, colors, and texture, as well as the grammar related to combining verbs and adjectives and recognizing the gender of Spanish words.

Next, students applied this learning by each imagining a monster, drawing it, and writing a descriptive paragraph about its appearance. These unique monsters were brought further to life with the assistance of the Art teacher, who guided students through the process of building their monsters in 3D, using recycled materials to create armatures which were covered in paper mache and embellished with paint and other materials.

Not only have 2nd Graders turned their own unique imaginings into tangible objects they can share with others, but they’ll do so in Spanish for the final stage in this project, when they will record themselves presenting their monsters and describing their features.