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Student Doing Experiment With Help Of Teacher

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Pod KA Completes Their First Science Experiment

Kindergarteners have spent the year rotating through Specials classes each trimester, and last week we welcome KA to the Science Lab, where they will spend the final months of the school year learning to engage in experiments and think like scientists – creating the foundation on which all their future science learning will be built. Some of the most important skills for any scientist are close observation and making predictions, and the students of KA began their work with an exercise that had them trying to guess what would occur when different substances were combined with water, then carefully observing and discussing the results.

KA tested four different substances: sand, salt, oil, and – most exciting of all – Alka-Seltzer tablets, which gave them an opportunity to pick up a new scientific term: dissolve. Students were so excited to share their observations of how the substances reacted to being combined, as well as their guesses for why those reactions were produced. We look forward to seeing that same curiosity and enthusiasm when our youngest students return to the lab next week – and in all their future Science classes!