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Robotics in 2nd Grade Tech Class

Tech students in 2nd Grade have been building their computational thinking and problem-solving skills in their Robotics unit as they learn to program small robots called Ozobots.

Ozobots respond to color codes, and students opened their unit by learning how to calibrate the Ozobots and program them to follow a path by drawing black lines with markers. Next, students drew color codes to program their robots at six different speeds and made connections between the input of a sequence of colors and the output of speed. These experiences served as the foundation for a fun challenge: take the Ozobots on a road trip! Using a blank sheet of paper, 2nd Graders drew their own pathways and included color codes to change the bot's speed as it moved from a starting point to a final destination.

Once students were confident programming their Ozobots to follow a particular path, they focused on programming their bots to turn in a specific direction at intersections and using u-turn codes.

Students will soon apply this learning beyond Technology class with integrations in Science and Math, and will even have an opportunity to expand their study of Ozobots next year, when they move on to more advanced bot programming using the online program OzoBlockly.