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Upper Schoolers Make Wearable Art in the Ceramic Jewelry Elective

Upper Schoolers in the Ceramic Jewelry elective have been making all sorts of eye-catching objects and wearable art, including glasses, pins, rings, brooches, pendants and trinket dishes, and are now engaged in their largest-scale project yet: decorative ceramic crowns.

Using the coil building and clay modeling skills they’ve been developing throughout the semester, 6th-8th Graders designed and sculpted these unique pieces of headwear, taking inspiration from a range of personal interests: costume design, pop culture, movies, literary characters and more. Once students have finished glazing their crowns they’ll return to the kiln for a final firing and emerge wearable and glittering!

In their upcoming and final project, each student will create an independent “collection” of various items with a cohesive theme.