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Diversity & Inclusion

Staff, students and families all participate in the work of making VCS an inclusive and actively anti-racist school community. All are offered opportunities to learn about different cultures, examine topics from new perspectives and share their own experiences, and all are encouraged to consider their own role in creating change.

In classrooms at every age level, we employ a culturally responsive teaching model in which teachers consistently ask themselves what identities, values and beliefs they are bringing into the classroom each day and how those aspects of their identity influence both what they center and prioritize in their teaching and how they relate to the students in their classroom.

Teachers at VCS get to know each individual child’s developing identities and their strengths, areas for improvement and intrinsic motivators. They welcome and affirm all potential identities included in human diversity, creating inclusive classroom environments that increase the level of student engagement.

The VCS community is continually inspired and guided by our Diversity Statement, which informs every area of school life.


Village Community School is strengthened and enriched by the diversity of our students, families, and staff. We are committed to cultivating intellectual, social, and emotional growth in an inclusive environment where diverse experiences and perspectives are essential to the rigorous education we provide.

We believe diversity is crucial to academic vitality. All students learn better in classrooms with racial as well as other forms of diversity. Our social studies-centered curriculum further advances this aim, immersing children in multiple perspectives different from their own—historically, culturally, economically—promoting empathy and respect.

Inside and outside the classroom, we encourage genuine conversation about complex issues. We provide the supportive environment and tools needed to identify limiting beliefs, break through uncomfortable barriers, and affirm the identities of all members of our community.

We are an anti-bias community committed to building a more equitable society through our actions. We develop leaders. Our students have the character and the courage to confront injustice and to advocate for themselves and others. They recognize their responsibility in shaping the world in which they live.


By working together to create a truly antiracist and inclusive environment for all our students, staff and parents, we ensure the VCS Diversity Statement remains a living document, constantly reflected in our collective actions as we continue the journey from brave conversations to systemic institutional change.”


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