Letter from the Head of School

Welcome to the Village Community School website. I’m hopeful that you will be energized by what you read and learn about VCS. VCS has been referred to as a hidden gem in the West Village of Manhattan, and yet we shine brightly as the New York Leader in K-8 Education.

We believe Kindergarten and the eight years that follow are formative ones during which children become learners, friends, and citizens of the community. We create opportunities for our students to embrace academic vigor and fall in love with learning. We seek to preserve the wonderment of childhood by encouraging imagination, play, and the liberty to ask why. Our teachers are true specialists who excel in cultivating scholarship and character – thoughtfully guiding students to engage in all aspects of academic and social-emotional learning untethered by self-consciousness. We foster an environment where students are known and loved.

When visiting classrooms, I observe captivated learning across grades and subjects. I overhear discussions, laughter, hypotheses, and questions that are familiar backdrops in a vigorous and joyous school. The students’ essays, art, and poetry adorn the walls and shelves, and, as a result of this unique school year, we have a whole new collection of recorded student presentations and performances we have been able to digitally share with our community. Regardless of circumstance, we intentionally lift up VCS children as the center of our school.

The heart of our academic program is reflected in our physical learning spaces, which promote collaboration, flexibility, and connections both interdisciplinary and interpersonal. In fall 2021, our beloved campus will grow to include a new three-story addition, offering additional classroom spaces, state-of-the-art science labs and makers’ studios, a soaring rooftop play yard, a sun-filled library, and a second gymnasium.

With this expansion, we move together into the future of VCS; but what is essential about the school – its emphasis on community – remains the same. As our Mission states, we choose to be a diverse community where equity, creativity and critical thinking are essential to the rigorous education we provide. It is our students, staff, parents, alumni, and alumni families that make VCS the vibrant and dynamic place that it is, and our collective experience is enriched by the diversity of cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives they represent. VCS is a gem of a school that shines brightly, and we welcome you to explore our website to really understand why.


Jen Mitchell
Head of School