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Mission & Diversity Statements

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Village Community School develops self-motivated students who value the challenging and rewarding process of learning as an integral part of life. We choose to be a diverse community where equity, creativity and critical thinking are essential to the rigorous education we provide. Our graduates are skilled and confident, able to advocate for themselves and others. They are well prepared for high school and for their futures in an increasingly complex and dynamic world.


Village Community School is strengthened and enriched by the diversity of our students, families and staff. We are committed to cultivating intellectual, social and emotional growth in an inclusive environment where diverse experiences and perspectives are essential to the rigorous education we provide.

We are an anti-bias community committed to building a more equitable society through our actions.

- VCS Diversity Statement

Our teaching offers a rich, deliberate blend of learning experiences nurturing insightful thinking and deductive reasoning, artistry and craftsmanship.”

- VCS Mission Statement