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3rd Grade Tech Students Code Line-Following Robots

As 3rd Graders grow their coding and robotics skills, they are beginning to get a sense of how coded robots are used in the real world, such as the line-following robots who increase productivity by fulfilling orders in Amazon’s warehouses. A smaller version of this type of robot – which uses optical sensors to follow visible or invisible lines – is available to students at VCS: Ozobots! Ozobots are small spherical robots that can identify lines, colors and codes on both digital surfaces, such as an iPad, and physical surfaces, such as paper. This week, 3rd Graders began exploring the capabilities of the Ozobot by participating in a series of coding challenges in which they used lines drawn on paper to direct their Ozobots to move in particular ways, learning how to code the Ozobots to follow nuanced commands through sequences of black, blue, green and red lines.

In upcoming Tech classes, 3rd Graders will move from paper to iPads, using the block-based coding of to program their robots to complete increasingly complex sequences and functions.