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4th Grade Tech Students Code Games in Scratch

In 3rd Grade Tech class, students gained a basic understanding of how to code using Scratch, a block-based visual programming language. As 4th Graders, these students are now applying that knowledge to code their own interactive computer games. Each student was able to choose whether they wanted to build a Maze game, in which the user must move a sprite from the start of a maze to the end without touching the walls; a Pong game, where the goal is to keep a sprite from getting past you; or a Scrolling game, where the goal is to keep an object from falling to the ground or touching other objects. Once 4th Graders had built their code, they attempted to play their games-in-progress, inevitably encountering problems and returning to the code to “debug” – just as professional game developers do.

This week, most students were working to debug their games, seeking out others who were encountering similar issues and brainstorming possible solutions together. But a couple of students were already beginning to move to the second phase of this project – exploring how Makey Makey can be used to create remote controls for their games. As students learn how Makey Makey works, they will also be learning about conductors, open and closed circuits – and how these concepts can be applied to turn everyday objects into functional remote controls.