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5th Grade After School Basketball Scrimmages

As another winter Basketball season draws to a close, we have a new group to congratulate in addition to our Upper School teams – our players in the 5th Grade, who volunteered to participate in a series of after school scrimmages against fellow 5th Graders from St. Luke’s. For the first time, our oldest students in the Lower School were able to have the experience of playing together on a intermural sports team with their VCS classmates, providing an excellent introduction to the sports program that awaits them next year in the Upper School.

On three afternoons this winter, a team of our 5th Grade girls and a team of our 5th Grade boys played two 12-minute games each against teams from St. Luke’s, with the score wiped after each game to ensure the emphasis remained on play. Coaches provided encouragement and feedback to players in real time, allowing students to immediately incorporate their advice on the court and go into the next scrimmage with greater awareness of the game.

For many 5th Graders, these scrimmages marked the first time they faced off against students from another school for some friendly competition, but it hopefully won’t be the last – we are looking forward to seeing these students play on our 6th Grade sports teams next year!