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5th Grade P.E. at Chelsea Pier

The 5th Grade year is one of transition, preparing students for the increased responsibilities and independence of the Upper School years. One of the most significant changes students experience in the 5th Grade is that they begin to travel off-campus for P.E. classes once a week, enjoying a double period of P.E. on the rooftop field of Chelsea Pier, an expansive outdoor space which allows for more large-scale games. This week, 5th Graders headed to the Pier to continue their collaborative games unit with a game of Team Handball, which promotes communication, strategy and passing on the move skills.

Offering a weekly off-campus P.E. class not only provides 5th Graders with greater room to roam, but also familiarizes them with the spaces they will be using in Upper School P.E., as well as where the Upper School Soccer Team’s practices and games are held. Later in the year, they will be joined on the Pier by 7th Graders, who will engage them in collaborative activities as part of the Bridge program that is in place to help 5th Grade students to transition smoothly into the 6th Grade. It is wonderful to be able to introduce students to some of the many resources our local community offers, and we look forward to more sunny P.E. sessions on the Pier rooftop in the future.