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6th Grade Project Day Robot Build

STEAM students in 6th Grade have been thinking about a trip to Mars – starting with a study of NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover. Students researched the launch of the Curiosity Rover, its relative size and its weight on earth vs. Mars. They also reflected on the nature of a robot, considering why humans would send a robot into space and identifying the connections between the human body and rovers. This information will be useful to 6th Graders throughout their unit on Lego robotics, which kicked off on this week’s Project Day with a morning of Lego robot-building.   

Working in pairs, students used computational thinking, engineering and problem-solving skills to construct a Lego Mindstorms EV3 robot, following detailed instructions to assemble all necessary components. Now that their robots are complete, 6th Graders will program their robots to drive, learning how to move them forward or backyard using rotations or degrees, as well as how to program them to turn precisely any number of degrees clockwise and counterclockwise using point turns. Finally, students will take on the Space Challenge, completing 7 distinct missions that will culminate in programming their robots to press the launch button and start the launch sequence to bring the first crew to Mars.