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7th Grade "Gab Lab"

The beginning of a new school year is always a time for introductions – both to fellow students and to the material you will be studying, and 7th Grade students spent their first Science class combining the two in a “Gab Lab.” To complete this lab, pairs of students rotated through eight stations, each presenting a different science task as well as a “social” task – a prompt that would help students learn more about each other in a meaningful way, such as whether their right- or left-brain was more dominant during the science task.

The stations were designed to cover content and pose questions related to different areas of science – including scientific vocabulary, the periodic table and data collection and analysis – in order to remind students that all realms of science are interconnected. This work also prepared 7th Graders for the first unit in their Life Science Curriculum, which focuses on Scientific Inquiry. In the coming weeks, students will build on their science and engineering skills by making observations, asking questions, collecting and analyzing data and drawing conclusions.