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7th Grade Science Fair - "The Living Museum"

On Friday, parents, students and staff were treated to an informative scientific exhibition as the Auditorium was transformed into the “Living Museum,” where 7th Graders presented their research into the scientific breakthroughs of the 21st century and the thinkers responsible for them.

Preparations for the Science Fair began weeks earlier, as students followed their personal interests to determine the scientific breakthrough they would like to study. Working in pairs or small groups, 7th Graders researched why the discovery was important, how it is applied and how it improves lives. Once students had achieved a deep understanding of the breakthrough’s significance, they created tri-fold posters that summarized their research, built visual models that represented some element of the discovery visually and prepared oral presentations to walk others through their learning.

At the “Living Museum” students shared their knowledge as they engaged with visitors, providing all who stopped by with a deeper understanding of where science has been, where it’s headed next – and the identities of those responsible for some of science’s most exciting breakthroughs. Thank you, 7th Graders!