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8th Grade Philosophy of Education Presentations & Lower School Internships

As 8th Graders embark on the second half of their final year at VCS, they are reflecting thoughtfully on all the years that came before ­- and using their educational experiences thus far to serve as leaders for those younger than them. This week marked several milestones for our oldest students, as they delivered their Philosophy of Education presentations and began acting as interns in Lower School classrooms.

In their personal Philosophies of Education, 8th Graders present what they value most in their education to their Advisors and families, using specific projects and assignments they’ve completed to demonstrate their skills, learning styles and major successes and challenges. By examining their own experiences, students were able to draw larger conclusions about what is important in education, insights that will guide their work throughout their final semester at VCS and allow them to enter their high school years with greater intention.


While these presentations were as unique as our 8th Graders, many common themes emerged, particularly the appreciation for community students feel VCS has instilled in them. As these students know, one of the ways we create a close-knit school community is by providing opportunities for older and younger students to spend meaningful time together, forging the bonds that create an atmosphere of inclusivity. Our 8th Graders are used to spending time with younger children, but this week, they enjoyed a new experience of school leadership as they worked as interns in Lower School classrooms. For the remainder of the year, 8th Graders will spend one period a week assisting Lower School teachers with any number of tasks – from helping to coach students through an essay revision to reading a story aloud or making classroom signs.

With graduation only months away, 8th Graders have so much to look forward to. But it is also important that they look back with pride at where they have been – whether that’s by using their academic histories as inspiration for the formation of personal philosophies – or revisiting the classrooms in which they too were once Lower Schoolers.