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8th Graders Leave Their Mark - On the Stools of Room 308!

All year, 5th-8th Grade Art students have been sitting on stools painted by the Class of 2019, and now it’s the Class of 2020’s turn to leave their mark as they paint over the former designs in what is likely the most student choice-centered Art project of the 8th Grade year. Students’ only direction was that they create a design that was personally meaningful to them so that the stools would be representative of each individual, leaving fellow students with a physical reminder of each member of the Class of 2020 after they’ve graduated.

To begin this project, students made a pencil sketch of their chosen design, which range from beloved cartoon characters to portraits of people, landscapes from childhood and tributes to personal heroes or cultural icons. Next, 8th Graders transferred the images to the stool surface through another freehand sketch or a carbon transfer technique. Now, students are painting over their sketches with layers of acrylic paint, which will be sealed with a clear coat to protect them for next year.

There are many traditions associated with the 8th Grade year at VCS – sitting on stage during assemblies, serving as Big Buddies, participating in the 8th Grade Overnight – all designed to recognize the position of student leadership held by our oldest students. Painting their own stools is yet another of these traditions, and particularly beloved by the 8th Grade class, as it is not only an opportunity for open-ended self-expression, but a reminder that they will remain important members of our school community following their graduation.