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100th-Day Sing-Along for Groups 204, 210, 303, 304 and 403

It’s hard to believe, but Thursday marked our 100th day of school of this year, and our youngest students celebrated in all sorts of different ways, from practicing their math skills by creating 100-piece snack mixes to expanding their vocabularies with an 100-word challenge. Groups 204, 210, 303, 304 and 403 were even able to include their families in the excitement, welcoming them to school Thursday morning for a Sing-Along – the final Sing-Along of the year!

In addition to VCS favorites like “This Land is Your Land” and “This Little Light of Mine,” children and their families sang the “100th Day Song,” in which they counted to 100 by 10s and 5s together. They practiced their Spanish skills with “Mi Cuerpo”; their Swahili with “Jambo Bwana”; and celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with “Hold the Dream.” K-1st/2nd Graders were even able to show off some choreography they have been learning when they performed the “Bow Wow Wow” dance for their parents.

We are so grateful to all the families who joined us for a morning of music on our 100th day. While it may have been the last Sing-Along we will share together this year, students have plenty more singing and dancing to look forward to as we head into spring!