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A Transportation-Themed Project Day in 1st/2nd Grade

In Social Studies, the 1st/2nd Graders in Groups 304 and 403 have been studying transportation and how it brings people together throughout New York City and around the world. On this week’s Project Day, these students spent time looking at transportation through a creative lens: creating their own vehicles in the Woodshop, and working with the Drama teacher to imagine themselves as different modes of transportation.

To create their Woodshop vehicles, students used printed templates of subway cars, ice cream trucks, scooters, buses and more to trace their design through a piece of carbon paper onto a piece of wood. After stabilizing their wood, 1st/2nd Graders cut out the shape of their vehicle, then drilled holes where the wheels would be attached. Next, students sanded their pieces, used colored pencils to add details to their designs and finally, glued on the wheels. These functional transportation toys are ready to help students imagine they are traveling anywhere in the world!

Each of the two 1st/2nd Grade Groups also enjoyed a visit from our Drama teacher, who led students in a series of exercises to get them thinking about how actors use their bodies and voices to transform themselves on stage. Students practiced using their bodies to become a big vehicle – like a monster truck – and a small vehicle, like a unicycle. They imagined the sounds made by large and small modes of transportation; joined sounds and movement together in a follow-the-leader activity; and played the “machine” game, in which one student chose a repetitive body motion that other students built upon with their own unique motions.  

These transportation-themed activities were a lot of fun, but they also provided students with an opportunity to apply all they have already learned about transportation – and to expand their knowledge by approaching the topic in an interdisciplinary way.