Big Buddies and Little Buddies Do Lunch

Big Buddies and Little Buddies are used to spending time together in the classroom, experiences that have shown Little Buddies just how friendly and helpful their Big Buddies are – and provided our Big Buddies with an opportunity to act as leaders and relive some of the fun of early childhood. Leading up to Winter Break, these students continued to fulfill these roles, but this time in a new context, as Big Buddies joined their Little Buddies for lunch in the Lunchroom and recess in the Gym and on the Roof.

Students met in the Lunchroom, where Big Buddies helped their Little Buddies to prepare their lunch trays and joined them at their lunch tables for relaxed conversation, allowing 8th Graders and K/1st Graders who may not be paired as Buddies to get to know each other as well. Following their lunch, Buddies headed to the Gym or the Roof for recess, where friendships between Buddy pairings and beyond continued to flourish through group games and free play. This informal time together was a wonderful way for Buddies to connect before parting for break, and for Little Buddies to begin to see their friendships with older students as something that isn’t confined to the classroom – an understanding that was reinforced the following week, when Big Buddies picked up their Little Buddies to escort them to the Auditorium for the Ceremony of Lights.