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Ceremony of Lights 2019

Lights are an important symbol of fall and winter holidays like Diwali, Chanukah and Christmas, and they are central to a beloved annual tradition here at school, as well: The Ceremony of Lights. At this all-school assembly, students and staff come together before parting for Winter Break to sing songs in recognition of each of these holidays, along with other VCS favorites, and engage in a candle-lighting ceremony that represents our strength as a community of individuals.

Of course, this was our first Ceremony of Lights without Eve, and Denise opened the assembly with a special announcement that had us all thinking about her: a brand-new start-and-end-of-school bell had arrived! This bell will take the place of the bell that was rung twice annually by Eve for so many years, and which we now preserve in her memory.

We continued to hold Eve in our thoughts throughout the Ceremony of Lights, in which pairs of older and younger students – one from each Group – took turns lighting candles, demonstrating the closeness shared between VCS students of all ages and the fundamental importance of each classroom Group, and each individual in that Group, to the larger VCS community. Once all the candles were lit, a moment of silence was shared, providing a chance to enjoy the goodwill of the present moment, reflect on the year we were leaving behind and set intentions for the exciting new year to come.