Community baner

Creating Family Portraits in Group 210

Throughout the year, Kindergarteners in Group 210 will be thinking about community workers and the different jobs people do to make communities run smoothly. Before they look at the workers in larger communities like a neighborhood or city, students are studying the workers in their very own families, as well as thinking about the nature of families by noticing the similarities and differences between all of the families in 210.

To begin this work, each student shared a family photo with the group and talked about the different members of their family. In addition to the examples of families within their classroom community, Kindergarteners have been learning about other kinds of families by reading books like Stella Brings the Family, Seven Chinese Sisters, Who’s Who in My Family and more. This week, Group 210 spent their Art push-in time reflecting on their families visually, using colored pencils to create family portraits and try to recreate the skin tones of the different members of their families.

Now that Kindergarteners have a broader understanding of all the many forms families can take, they will turn their focus to the types of work done by Group 210 families. Each family will visit school to talk about the work they do both inside and outside of the home. Students will use this information to reflect further on the commonalities and differences that exist among families – and to inform their work as they broaden the scope of their study to examine community workers within the school building, the neighborhood and beyond.