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"En Mi Mochila Hay..." - Studying School Supplies in 2nd Grade Spanish

Students in the 2nd Grade are always picking up new vocabulary in Spanish class – and through the Spanish push-ins into their specialty classes – and on Friday, after warming up by reciting the alphabet in Spanish, they began learning a new set of vocabulary words particularly relevant to their life at school: school supplies!

As a fun introduction to their new vocabulary words, 2nd Graders played a "mochila mágica" (magic backpack) game, where they took turns reaching into a backpack and pulling out various school supplies like a marker (un marcador), an eraser (un borrador) and books (libros). Once they were familiar with the Spanish names of some basic school supplies, students practiced their pronunciation by playing a Bingo-like board game in which they rolled large dice with a different school supply item on each side, announcing after each roll what they were “adding to their backpack.” On an illustration of a backpack filled with school supplies, students checked off each new item until the entire backpack was full.

Students will continue to practice their new vocabulary in Spanish class, but they will also have plenty of opportunities to reinforce their recent Spanish learning throughout their whole day at school – any time they use a ruler, glue, pencil or other school supply!