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Group 203 Shares What Makes New York City Unique

The 2nd/3rd Graders in Group 203 are getting ready to study the history of New York – by looking at its present. In recent weeks, these students have spent time identifying what makes New York City unique, and on Project Day, they took an interdisciplinary approach as they chose one of these qualities to recreate through woodworking and began a related technology project that brings to life their written reflections on New York City.

In an earlier Art push-in, students had used their observations about what makes New York City unique to create paintings, which served as the inspiration for their woodworking projects on Project Day. Selecting one particular portion of their painting on which to focus – for example, the Statue of Liberty or a New York Yankee – students used carbon paper to transfer the design onto a piece of wood, and worked with our Woodshop teachers to cut out their shape. Next, Group 203 painted, decorated with mixed materials and added additional features to their projects.

Students were also able to bring a previous writing project to life in a new way as they worked with our Technology Integrator to record themselves reading aloud short written pieces about what makes New York City special. These recordings will serve as the narration for a virtual reality experience that incorporates a photograph of students’ paintings as well as a panorama view related to its subject – for example, a 360-degree photograph of Central Park or Times Square. These VR experiences will not only be an engaging way to share their study of what makes New York City unique with fellow students and visitors, but as 2nd/3rd Grade students turn their focus to the history of New York, they will also be a helpful tool for comparing and contrasting modern-day Manhattan with the island over 400 years ago, when it was known as Mannahatta.