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Group 210 Completes a VCS Scavenger Hunt

Group 210 is the only group in the school composed of all new students, and one of the many important things these Kindergarteners will learn during their first year at VCS is the layout of the school building, which can sometimes be confusing even for adults. To help familiarize their students with the spaces of the building, Group 210’s teachers organized a special activity: a scavenger hunt through VCS!

Before embarking on their scavenger hunt, students were enjoying a read-aloud, listening to the story of The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School by Laura Murray. Suddenly, they were interrupted by a clue from a missing gingerbread man of their own, who was running loose at VCS! Group 210 set off to track him down, visiting the Lunchroom, where they will begin eating lunch during their full school days next week; the Nurses’ Office, where they met the friendly nurses who will help them if they don’t feel well; the Library, where they were extra-quiet as they searched for their clue; and finally, the Rooftop Playground, where students discovered the missing ginger man!

With their scavenger hunt successfully completed – and the locations of some of the building’s most important spaces fresh in their mind – Group 210 enjoyed free play time on the Rooftop before returning to their classroom to finish their book.