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Group 304 Shares Their Personal Narratives

The 1st/2nd Grade students in Group 304 are discovering there are all different types of stories and ways to tell a story, and recently explored nonfiction writing by writing and illustrating their own personal narratives. Before they began writing, students learned that a personal narrative is a true story from an author’s life. They reflected on their own lives and brainstormed six different memories they might like to write about, then picked one they remembered well so they would be able to include plenty of details.

As students composed their personal narratives, they made sure to include the elements that always make a piece of writing stronger: an introduction that hooks the reader, transition words that carry the reader through the narrative clearly, details that bring the action to life and a conclusion that wraps up the story. They also spent time revising to improve their draft by adding words, removing words and changing words.

On Friday, any 1st/2nd Grade authors in Group 304 who wanted to share their personal narratives had the opportunity to read their pieces out loud for their peers. Students were so curious to hear true stories from their friends’ lives – and to see how their approach to the assignment was similar to and different than their own. Next, these young authors will examine the construction of fairy tales and fables before moving on to “how-to” and informational writing.