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Making Paper Mache Animals in K/1st Grade Art

Now that our youngest students in K/1st Grade have nearly completed the first half of the school year, their projects are becoming increasingly sophisticated – including in Art class, where these students have recently been sustaining an interest in a multi-week project with sequential steps: creating paper mache animal sculptures!

To begin their sculptures, students took simple recycled materials like tissue boxes, egg crates and cardboard tubes and used their creative imaginations to visualize how they could be arranged into the shape of an animal. After creating strong, sturdy armatures by joining their cardboard pieces together with tape, K/1st Graders received a lesson in applying paper mache, a classic sculptural medium many students had never worked with before. Students utilized their fine motor skills as they dragged newspaper pieces through adhesive, molded it to their armatures and smoothed out any lumps.

Now that students have built their armatures and applied their paper mache, they are ready for the third phase of this project, in which they will further bring their animals to life by painting them and adding yarn, buttons and other materials.