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Making Recycling Fun in 2nd & 3rd Grade Science

In early January, representatives from the 5 Gyres Institute visited VCS and held a Lower School assembly to educate students about the problem of plastic pollution and what they can do to help. Following that assembly, 2nd and 3rd Grade students began working on a related project in Science Class - the Plastic Pollution to Solution Project, in which students are thinking of innovative ways to ensure that plastic waste ends up in the correct receptacles.

At the beginning of this project, students were introduced to "The Fun Theory," which states that if you want people to change their behavior, make what you want them to do simple and fun. In groups, students used this theory to rethink the traditional recycling bin. Teams designed and constructed recycling games using simple materials like cardboard, tape and paint. On Project Day, students will attach their games to the recycling bins throughout the school, inviting the entire community to get excited about properly recycling their waste as they play turtle basketball, navigate a pizza-themed maze and more.