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VCS Beyond the Classroom: OceansWide Science Camp 2019

While the 2018-2019 school year may have officially concluded in June, we know that meaningful learning experiences continue over the summer for all of our students, and are always particularly glad to see Upper Schoolers applying the scientific research skills they gained in the classroom to the field at OceansWide Science Camp.

This year’s OceansWide participants acted as marine researchers as they investigated tide pools along the Maine coast, visited a fish farm, performed a squid dissection, examined underwater creatures and plumbed the depths of the ocean using ROVs (remotely operated vehicles). They took in the natural beauty and wildlife of the area, kayaking, hiking the shorefront and woodland, mountain biking through Acadia National Forest, bird watching and stargazing. And while they engaged in plenty of whole-group challenges and activities, students also worked in pairs and small groups to design and conduct independent research and engineering projects, studying everything from the pollution levels of ocean water and ocean floor sediment to the effects of sounds on the activity of periwinkle snails.  

We look forward to seeing how students’ time at camp will inform their scientific studies in the future – and of course, to hearing firsthand from our campers when they present their experiences to fellow students this fall.