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Patch-making in 7th Grade Art and STEAM

In both Art and STEAM, Upper School students often have the opportunity to make functional objects they can enjoy long after the project has concluded. This winter, 7th Graders are at work on two related patch-making activities as they create patches for a communal denim jacket in Art and design and 3D print personal crest patches in STEAM.

In Art class, students are cutting, gluing and sewing felt pieces to create patches of personal meaning to themselves or their 7th Grade community, taking inspiration from popular culture and other icons or images that are important to them. Once these patches are completed they will be affixed to a denim jacket that belongs to the Class of 2021. All 7th Grade students will have the opportunity to borrow the jacket and wear it throughout the school building during the day, adding to their sense of community and allowing them to enjoy the results of their collaboration.

In STEAM, students are merging varsity letters and house crests to create their own personal crests consisting of 1-2 letters and simple shapes and drawings. Using Doodle 3D, 7th Graders imported photos of their design, then traced its outlines, filled in its shapes and raised the shapes at different points along the Z-axis to prepare it for 3D printing. Now that the designs have been printed, a second communal jacket will be created featuring the personal crest of each 7th Grade student.

These related projects serve to demonstrate the value of digital design and production methods as well as the value of traditional craft techniques – and to remind students of their ability to create functional objects from their imagination through any number of mediums.