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Personal Trait Collages and QR Codes

If you pass by Room 203, you’ll notice the hallways are decorated with colorful mixed media collages, each depicting one particular adjective. These pieces are the work of 2nd/3rd Graders in Group 203, who have been combining art, technology and social studies as they reflect on and express their personal identity and their role within the larger community.

After selecting a word that describes them, students worked with their Homeroom and Art teachers to create their collages. They were inspired by the work of Stuart Davis, an early Modernist painter who was known for his use of overlapping lines, shapes and words. In addition to their work with visual arts, 2nd/3rd Graders engaged in a writing activity in which they described how their chosen trait relates to them and how they can use this quality in themselves to help others in the community.

Next, students worked with their Tech teacher to digitally record their voices as they read their pieces of writing. These recordings were made accessible through linked QR codes displayed with the collages, allowing students to communicate with fellow community members without being physically present. On Tuesday, Group 203 spent time learning something new about their classmates by scanning the QR codes and listening to their audio recordings. Finally, students reflected on those experiences, drawing connections with others such as “[My classmate] and I have similar words; I’m fierce and she’s brave, and I can connect to her because she is not afraid of bullies. I am fierce and I want to stand up for people. Bullies don’t make us nervous and we both want to help people. It’s a similar combination!”

Now that Group 203 has had an opportunity to share their qualities with one another, they are excited for the wider community to have a listen, as well! Next time you’re on the 2nd Floor, make sure to check out the bright collages, and simply open your Phone app and hold it over a QR code to access students’ audio files.