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Polygon Challenges in 7th Grade Math

In their 2D Geometry unit, 7th Grade Math students will cover designing polygons, angle sums and parallel lines. This week, they focused on what a polygon is, how to estimate angles and how to measure angles using a protractor. On Thursday and Friday, 7th Graders capped off this work with an independent design challenge in which they attempted to draw polygons based on specific criteria that would lead them to one unique shape, multiple similar shapes or no shape at all. When they found a set of instructions to be insufficient to dictate a shape, students wrote an explanation of why they could not draw a polygon based on the information given – and identified what information, if any, was missing.

Students will continue this study by writing directions for their own polygon challenges for their peers to solve, then move on to designing specific quadrilaterals and discovering angle patterns when parallel lines are cut by a transversal.