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Self-Portraits and Identity Reflection in Group 403

Notions of identity are central to a VCS education, and the 1st/2nd Graders in Group 403 are starting their year by thinking about who they are and the role they play within their classroom and school community. In Art class, students used mirrors to examine their facial features and tried to recreate them in a self-portrait, blending oil pastels to match their skin tone. They concentrated on scale and proportion, concepts they will continue to work on in later art projects. Once their portraits were completed, students used tempera and oil paints to decorate a frame in which to display them in the hall.

This portrait gallery might give observers an idea of what these students look like, but to really introduce themselves to the larger VCS community, Group 403 would have to share more information about themselves – parts of their identity that no one could know just by looking at them. Back in their classroom, students shared things about themselves that aren’t visible, such as having three sisters, being a good singer and wanting to learn archery. This work not only gave students a chance to get to know each other better, but also served as an excellent lesson in the value of taking the time to get to know people beyond what you see on the surface. Self-portraits – and fun facts – about Group 403 are now on display next to their classroom…we hope you will stop by and get to know them!