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Comic Strips and Audio Recordings in 4th Grade Spanish

Since October, 4th Grade Spanish students have been studying animals native to Central American countries, and they are now able to describe these animals by their type (bird, sea mammal, land mammal, etc.), their colors and their country of origin. Recently, students applied this knowledge when they wrote and illustrated comic strips that featured two animal characters, a location and an activity or hobby. This activity allowed them to practice using sentence starters, greetings and small talk, as well as vocabulary related to hobbies and places.

Of course, practicing the pronunciation of their vocabulary words is just as important as practicing their use in context, and throughout this unit, 4th Graders have been focusing on typical areas of difficulty for Spanish learners, such as silent h’s or guttural j's. After creating their comic strips, students recorded themselves reading the narratives aloud, then listened to their recordings and identified what they would like to work on in their next recording. Continuing to record and listen to themselves speaking Spanish will enable these 4th Graders to gain greater fluency and confidence as they track their pronunciation progress, receive specific feedback from their teacher and set personal goals for their speaking practice.