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Upper School Elective - Podcasting

Upper School students enjoy many opportunities to explore subjects of personal interest to them, including choosing their performing arts classes and their electives. This year, a new elective is challenging students to participate in a form of media gaining increasing popularity in the U.S. – podcasting!

To begin their work, Upper School students in the Podcasting elective listened to professional podcasts and thought about how podcasters sequence an episode, how they manage transitions and how they begin and end their episode. After brainstorming ideas for themes they’d like to explore, students worked in small groups to outline their episode in a format that fit their topic, which range from a thoughtful examination of how VCS is processing the loss of our Head of School, to a study of the effect of social media on teens to a sports analysis show.  

This week, the podcasters were busy conducting interviews and compiling their content – once this work is finished, students will turn their focus to the technical side of podcasting as they edit their audio and determine the final sequence of their episode. Next, each group will present their podcast for feedback from their peers in the elective before making final changes. Finally, these podcasts – written, produced and edited by Upper School students – will be shared with the larger VCS community, with some groups even planning to submit their episode to the NPR Student Podcast Challenge!