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Upper School Overnight 2019

The Upper School years require cooperation, collaboration and leadership, and are enhanced by the strong bonds formed between students in the 6th-8th Grades. That’s why at the beginning of the year, Upper School students head to Bryn Mawr Mountain Retreat in Pennsylvania for the Overnight, where they are organized into small mixed-grade groups for three days of team-building and problem-solving that will prepare them for the year ahead and unite them as a group.

As the oldest students in the school, 8th Graders take on a leadership role at the Overnight, one they will continue to fulfill throughout the year. Having already been on the Overnight twice, they are the most familiar with the activities of the trip, and served as the leaders of their teams during several challenges, including Chariot Building, which requires students to design and construct a platform on which to transport a team member during a race, and Magic Bag, in which students wrote skits based on randomly selected costumes. Evening when relaxing at an evening campfire, 8th Graders shared advice and stories over s’mores.

One of the most important reasons the Overnight is held at Bryn Mawr is that it offers a ropes course on which students can work together to build trust and provide support while challenging themselves personally and taking healthy risks. This year, 8th Graders were able to use their previous experiences at Bryn Mawr to gain the confidence to navigate through an elaborate high ropes course, making the most of their final Overnight and modeling fortitude and perseverance for the younger students.

Upper School students returned to school on Friday ready to meet the challenges of the year ahead. They gained valuable skills through the activities of the Overnight, but more importantly, they expanded their support systems through meaningful interactions with fellow Upper School students, forming the lasting bonds that make the Upper School experience so memorable. Welcome back, Upper Schoolers!