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Upper School Students Present "For the Love of Three Oranges"

This week, parents, staff and students were finally able to see the production many Upper School students have been working hard on all fall – Hillary DePiano’s The Love of Three Oranges! Based on a classic Italian fairy tale, The Love of Three Oranges is a show about laughter as a means of healing and discovering one’s sense of self – a joyful production that was so enjoyed by each of its three audiences.

Its story centers on Prince Tartaglia, son of King Silvio, who after years of poor health is diagnosed with hypochondria and advised by a strange trio of doctors to seek out an unusual cure – laughter. A famous comedian is brought in to entertain the prince, but the cure is sabotaged by an evil witch, who curses Tartaglia to search the earth for three mysterious oranges. Accompanied by the comedian Truffaldino, the prince seeks out his beloved oranges, overcoming all manner of obstacles along the way.

The plot may be unconventional, but students certainly succeeded in making their audiences laugh, with charismatic performances, unexpected musical interludes and whimsical props. We were also blown away by the incredible student-painted sets, elaborate costumes and thoughtful staging. Congratulations to our Drama Director and the entire cast and crew of The Love of Three Oranges – and thank you for making us laugh!