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VCS DigiLab Expo 2020

Technology is an important part of life at VCS even outside of Tech/STEAM classes, with digital tools and resources integrated into coursework across all subjects – math, reading, writing, Social Studies and more. And while students are used to incorporating tech-based creativity tools into their classroom learning, we wanted to offer Lower Schoolers an opportunity to spend even more time exploring the many digital resources available at school. On Friday, the first-ever VCS DigiLab Expo allowed K-5th Graders to explore new programs and applications – and engage with tools they were already familiar with in a new way. Many students even got to showcase their digital fluency skills for their parents, who joined them to visit the different stations of the Expo.

Throughout the day, Lower School students completed age-appropriate activities in virtual reality, augmented reality, digital storytelling, animation and more. Their work was guided by 6th-8th Grade students, already well-versed in these tools, who volunteered to receive additional facilitator training. These friendly and helpful Upper Schoolers were a critical component of the success of the VCS DigiLab Expo 2020, which was a spectacular display of the digital creativity that characterizes not only our Tech and STEAM classes, but the tech integration program that runs through all subjects at VCS.