Community baner

We Love VCS - Past, Present and Future

The beginning stages of construction on our expansion are already underway out in the Big Yard, but last Tuesday, October 8th, the Big Yard was still full of children, taking one final lap, saying goodbye and thank you to the space – and of course, signing their names to the “We Love VCS” banner, right underneath the signatures of Eve and Denise.

Our 8th Graders, the student leaders of the school, enjoyed signing their own Class of 2020 banner in addition to the all-school banner where the community of current students, faculty and staff marked their presence at VCS during this special moment in its history.

Signing Day was a moment to honor where we have been and look ahead to where we are going. And what an exciting future it is! Look out for construction updates in the weeks and months to come – and photos from the ceremony when this signed “We Love VCS” banner will be laid in the foundation of our new building.