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A Look Inside

Welcome to A Look Inside, the VCS blog! These stories highlight the exciting work of VCS students across all Grade levels and disciplines. 

It's hard to believe, but Thursday marked our 100th day of school of this year, and our youngest students celebrated in all sorts of different ways, from practicing their math by creating 100-piece snack mixes to expanding their vocabularies with an 100-word challenge. Groups 204, 210, 303, 304 and 403 were even able to include their families in the excitement, welcoming them to school Thursday morning for a Sing-Along – the final Sing-Along of the year! Click here to read more and see photos.

Science students in the 8th Grade spend their year focused on the Physical Sciences – currently wrapping up their exploration of physics, they are engaging in a short unit on waves, examining the properties of both sound and light waves. Two weeks ago, 8th Graders measured the illumination in different areas around school, compared those values to the recommended levels and designed solutions for over- or under-illumination. Last week, students shifted their focus to sound waves, using ceramic ocarinas they created in Art class to research the properties of pitch and sound intensity. Click here to read more and see photos.