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Technology & STEAM

VCS students learn to effectively use a variety of digital technologies and online learning programs as tools to enhance their education. Laptop computers, e-readers, iPads, SmartBoards, 3D printers, document cameras and more seamlessly blend into the life of the school as students use digital tools to interact, analyze, create, code, document, present and publish work.

Students deploy Google Drive, Microsoft Office, iWork, Adobe Creative Suite and other applications to create, organize and collaborate on projects. VCS also provides access to e-learning programs like Fluencia (Spanish), Sadlier Connect (vocabulary), NIH Labs (science), among others for individual and classroom coursework.

Our STEAM program integrating science, technology, engineering, art and math offers exciting opportunities to build multiple skills at once. STEAM students learn to design, build and code robots. They develop video games from idea to completion. They explore the fascinating possibilities of industrial design using 3D printing and more. Students may also pursue independent STEAM lab projects.

All along, students are learning to use computer languages to code programs. VCS graduates become fluent in this essential grammar of modern life, coding with visual programs such as Tynker, Mindstorms and Scratch as well as text-based languages like Java, Javascript and Python. We continue to expand opportunities in this evolving, exciting area of modern education.