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Upper School

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Some K–12 schools do not prioritize the middle school years as strongholds of intellectual inquiry and growth. We do. We know how sophisticated young minds can be when offered opportunities to tackle the big questions, and our Upper School program is designed to stretch students beyond typical expectations.

A challenging blend of required and elective courses broadens students’ knowledge while honing their capacity for complex, abstract thinking. Gifted faculty provide steady support as children mature into young teens; we continue employing a variety of teaching methods to ensure adolescents remain engaged, active learners.

In Upper School, students encounter a departmentalized curriculum that expands to include two world language options—Spanish or Mandarin—and a rich array of electives such as Model Congress, Woodworking, Advanced Coding and more. Students employ effective time-management strategies, developing self-disciplined study habits. They enjoy a structured physical education program, daily recess, and opportunities to participate in interscholastic athletics.

Personal development and strong friendships are also integral to the VCS experience. Grade-level dances, outdoor education trips, clubs and affinity groups, community service projects, and myriad after-school enrichment activities are all opportunities for Upper School students to grow socially and emotionally.

Curricular Overview, 6th-8th Grade