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Tuition & Assistance

K-8th Grade tuition for the 2023–2024 school year is $59,850. 

We are committed to socioeconomic diversity and encourage all qualified families to apply. Approximately 21% of our families receive some tuition assistance. 

Eligibility for tuition assistance begins in Kindergarten. Because financial circumstances change, parents must reapply each year. VCS’s Tuition Assistance Committee makes all assistance decisions independently of admissions decisions. Applications and awards are strictly confidential.

Families who initially enter VCS without tuition assistance are eligible to apply for assistance after their child’s second year at VCS.

In the case of separation or divorce, VCS expects that both parents will continue to meet their financial obligations to the school.

Tuition assistance grants cannot be awarded unless the parent’s account at VCS is current.

To apply for tuition assistance, families must complete and submit the FAST Application and supporting documentation (e.g. tax returns) using the link below:

Completed FAST applications must be submitted by November 20th, 2023. Notification of tuition assistance will be given at the time of admission.

If this is your first time through the process, you may wish to download and fill out the FAST Worksheet below as a primer before completing the application: