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Chrisi Karvonides

Biddeford High School

Emerson College

Yale University, MFA, Theatre Design

Currently: Fine artist and Emmy Award-winning costume designer for film and television. Work includes “Big Love” and “American Horror Story;” Professor of costume design at UCLA

My time at VCS was key to learning to live with my severe dyslexia. My teachers there were the first to figure out why I was struggling. They helped me progress via project-oriented learning. Art was everywhere at VCS. It was a part of everything we did. It was how I learned best. I remember our production of 1776. My mom and I did the costumes. Lots of sewing!
As a painter I’m very much a part of the art world. I’m a docent for a parent run art program in my community. I do six art projects a year with kindergarten through 8th grade kids.

My siblings and I all went to VCS. We’re 13 months apart and my mother wanted us all to be in school together. My sister is a lawyer in Boston, and my brother works at the Pentagon in DC.

My classmates were some of the most divine, creative, special human beings ever. I miss them all! Every time I run into one of them, it's an amazing experience. Everything about my time at VCS changed my life. It set the pattern for my life ever since.