Lower School - 2nd - 5th Grade

Older children are capable of more abstract learning, but they continue to need a balance between conceptual, intellectual work and hands-on experiences to become agile thinkers and problem solvers.

Our program emphasizes the refinement of academic skills in a stimulating environment where the acquisition of new skills can be put to effective use. Specialized subjects – science, technology, drama, Spanish, STEAM – and regular homework are added to an already rigorous curriculum. We deeply immerse students in every aspect of their studies; children may act as archaeologists in ancient Egypt, brush painters in China, biologists in Hudson River Park or American pioneers heading west.

Children begin taking standardized tests as a practical measurement of recognized standards. Student progress reports are sent to families in winter and spring; teachers meet with parents on two scheduled conference days each year.

As the curriculum expands, teachers help students navigate the increasing complexities. Students learn time-management skills and begin using an organizational system that continues through Upper School. Digital technologies provide further opportunities for customized, hands-on learning.