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Voices of VCS

Hero Interior

"The power of the community is hard to put into words. It's about warmth and acceptance; it's about being friendly and knowing everyone in the building. It's about supporting kids, giving them the ability to become confident. They're not afraid to try new things because they've got a community standing behind them.” - Parent

“VCS has helped me to learn, helped me to find my voice, to find my confidence. It has prepared me for high school.”

8th Grade Graduation Speech

VCS’s approach is to teach children to love the process of learning rather than working for a grade. This allowed me to enter high school as engaged student with a love of learning and prepared me for the demanding environment of a selective high school. The exceptional faculty, along with the school's unique approach to teaching, creates a sense of community and support that has stayed with me to this day.” - Alum

Both of our daughters attended VCS from K-8 and we couldn't be more impressed with the incredible education they received – not only in the well-rounded academic program, with a focus on social issues, but in their preparedness as conscientious, thoughtful students ready to enter the next phase of their education (and beyond!)” - Parent